Sex parties explained for you and your partner

Sex parties explained, this article, is written by the owner of an adult club in Cape Town, South Africa. Sex Parties come in many shapes, sizes, and forms. Of course there is the infamous Orgy Dome at the Burning Man festival. You will find many variations of sex parties, from orgies to exclusive sex parties organized by Avec Plaisir. Some events are inclusive, welcoming straight, gay, the polyamorous and the monogamous. Other events are very specific, targeted at a specific demographic.



The No. 1 rule at most sex parties is consent. If you would like to engage with someone, a couple or a group, you need their consent. No exception. Failure to adhere to this very basic rule will get you blacklisted, evicted from the event, or into a very ugly altercation with other guests at the event.



Another rule is to be respectful of the other people, in particular the partner of an individual you would like to engage with. You need to be respectful of both, the person you would like to engage with, and their partner. If the partner does not like you, for whatever reason, take the hint and move on. Do not continue pushing the issue, unless you want trouble. Security at most of these events is rather bored, yet short-tempered. If you don't take no for an answer, you will get to know them better than you will like.



sex parties explained

Women are in charge

It does not matter how many Ferraris you have, or how full your bank account might be. At a sex party you are not in charge. The women are in charge. If you cannot accept this hierarchy, go fly a kite instead.